Hobbsy's House

Hobbsy's House

Thursday, 9 August 2012

We're going on a Bug Hunt, we're going to catch a big one!

Today we went to our first Junior Park Ranger activity and we were very impressed! It was a Bug Hunt at Coed Gwilym Park in Clydach and it was really well organised and well attended. The Rangers had lots of great equipment for catching bugs, this one you used the green pipe to suck up little tiny bugs into the pot, perfect for younger children who tend to squish small bugs between their fingers! :


 Here's 2 year old Elin inspecting the wood louse she caught:

This might look like a big pile of sticks but is, in fact, a 'Beetle Castle', the Rangers had apparently built it as part of another Junior Park Ranger activity. We found all kinds of mini beasts here; beetles, aphids, slugs, worms, spiders and wood lice. Lovely! A big recommendation for Junior Park Rangers from Hobbsy's House. Make sure you book though, these activities are not surprisingly very popular!

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