Hobbsy's House

Hobbsy's House

Friday, 21 December 2012

A festival of Christmas activities!

We've rounded off a brilliant year with some lovely Christmassy activities. I've not got round to blogging much as we've been so busy, so here's a quick run down:

We've made christmassy cupcakes:

 Saltdough decorations:
 We've partied!
 We've played with snowy sensory trays:

 And peppermint christmas tree playdough:

 We've decorated the Christmas tree:

 And exlpored a Christmassy discovery box:
 Done Christmassy colouring in:
 Made snowmen:
And gingerbread Christmas trees:
 Explored the oaty, pepperminty Christmas sensory tray:
 Gone on a trip to Winter Wonderland:
 Made Christmas cards:
 Been to see the Coca Cola lorry:
 And finished off with Christmas dinner:

It's been so much fun - hope Father Christmas brings something lovely for all these good little boys and girls!

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