Hobbsy's House

Hobbsy's House

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Autumn Art Gallery

We've been doing lots of Autumn Arts & Crafts over the last few weeks. All were as simple as possible to suit the 1 and 2 year olds in my setting:

These were done in a salad spinner! Put a leaf cut out in and a couple of blobs of paint, get the kids to spin like crazy:

A hedgehog done by Elin at our fantastic playgroup:

Here's an Autumn tree, just some tissue paper and glue:

And this is what we did with the sensory tray stuff - glued it onto card with some PVA glue, very abstract but it's nice to just let the kids get on with it without guiding them too much:

Some autumn leaf stained glass windows, I've posted about this before (contact paper and tissue paper basically!):

And last of all, using leaves, pine cones and other autumny bits collected from the park to make prints:

I think I may have to rename Hobbsy's House, 'Tate Clydach'!

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