Hobbsy's House

Hobbsy's House

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rain doesn't stop play!

 Not in Hobbsy's house anyway. It's been a miserable couple of weeks but we've found no shortage of things to do. Den building is a big hit with everybody including me - easy to set up and tidy away.

Painting with marbles: find a tray or shallow box, line it with paper and roll a paint covered marble around to your heart's content.

 We also made 'sensory' playdoh by adding some herbs from the garden, the kids loved this and were fascinated by the lovely smells.

Making a bus or a train out of some chairs is another easy game to set up and can last for ages - the kids made up some 'tickets' and we sang Wheels on the Bus and The Runaway Train over and over. And over again. Oh and, of course, there's always dressing up!

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